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We believe that legal care should be compassionate, reliable and personalized. When we take on your case, you can trust that our legal team will treat you with the empathy and results-oriented care you deserve.

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After spending years working with families and individuals in the Bay Area, our legal team knows just how complicated and contentious a legal case can become, especially when your health or your family’s future depends on the outcome. Solution Now Law Firm is focused on finding the best possible results for you and your loved ones by leveraging a creative and collaborative legal approach. We create legal strategies focused on your needs so that you can spend your time focused on your life.

Through extensive experience and knowledge, our office finds critical solutions that preserve your interests and represent you with dignity and compassion. Jimin Oh is equipped to manage even the most nuanced personal injury and family law dilemmas. We help you navigate through the legal system from initial filings to negotiations and trial.

Bay Area Family Law And Personal Injury Guidance

Wholistic Solutions For Families In The Bay Area

At our office, you have access to lasting solutions for issues like:

  • Divorce and separation

  • Complex property division involving investments, retirement plans and pensions

  • Co-parenting arrangements for custody and visitation and financial support for your children

  • Recovering compensation for damages sustained by car accidents

  • Obtaining necessary treatments and support from medical providers for accident injuries

We offer comprehensive care focused on preserving your rights and your dignity. We are proud that this belief is reflected in every step of our process.

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